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Winery News

Cape May Dining

Wow it's only the beginning of April and the Artichokes are starting ! With the grape vines budding I feel like I'm in Napa Valley not Southern Jersey. That's why we are calling our Cape May County fabulous grape producing area the "Outer Coastal Region"! Aren't the Artichokes gorgeous?

Willow Creek Winery Southern Mansion’s new Cape May Winery!

Wilde " Cock of the walk" Marcus. Glamour shots yesterday before comb dub. Isn't he a handsome boy! We are hatching out some of his chicks at the farm.

Willow Creek Winery Southern Mansion’s new Cape may winery ! Wow furniture starting to arrive!

Leather Couch, Table with Wine on it

Willow Creek Winery Wow our furniture is starting to arrive! We are decorating, and making it all wonderful and cozy for you to enjoy your wine tasting and nibbles in comfort!

Sweet White Wilde Cock at Southern Mansion’s Willow Creek Winery Cape May!

Southern Mansion's Willow Creek Winery secondary line of wines, Wilde Cock has wonderful table and fruit wines with bright eye catching labels. You can even have personalized labels at your event! Arrange you private tour and tasting thru the Mansion today!

Bottling White Cock White at Southern Mansion’s Willow Creek Winery!