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Winery News

Cape May Dining

Wow it's only the beginning of April and the Artichokes are starting ! With the grape vines budding I feel like I'm in Napa Valley not Southern Jersey. That's why we are calling our Cape May County fabulous grape producing area the "Outer Coastal Region"! Aren't the Artichokes gorgeous?

Southern Mansion’s Willow Creek Winery local artist wine racks!

Willow Creek Winery for Southern Mansion wine racks by Keith Bove installed! Looking pretty snappy! Local Artistry at it's finest!

Persimmons at Southern Mansion’s Willow Creek Winery!

Persimmons at Southern Mansion

Persimmons on the farm- Willow Creek Winery edibles! Barbara’s favorite fruits. I love Persimmons, Diospyros: Be they Fuyu which look like a squat bright orange tomato, or hachiya, and the brilliant heart shape fruit need to be ripened by frost when you can each them like persimmon custard (otherwise…...

Fanciest farmer’s chicken coop at Willow Creek Winery , Southern Mansion!

 Fancy shabby chic chicken coop! Using all the left over cedar boards, granite curbs, and other material from the Winery we have created a really fancy coop for our chickens and turkeys to luxuriate in! On the garden tour of Willow Creek Winery come and enjoy our friendly feathery friends who present…...

View of Villa and Yucca September 2012 Willow Creek Winery.

Lovely Photograph by Tom Singleton. Showcasing othe front view of the Villa, and Yucca in bloom. Photographed September 2012 atSouthern Mansion's Willow Creek Winery.