Have your Cape May NJ wedding at Southern Mansion.


Cape May Destination Wedding

Southern Mansion is a perfect Cape May, NJ wedding destination! Celebrate an entire weekend at our historic Mansion.  Spend more than just the wedding evening with your friends and families!

Destination Events Encompassing Two, Three or Even More Days

Guests arrive to a loaded hospitality table and bar and get to know each over cocktails and nibbles.  Everyone checks into their beautiful rooms greeted by special welcome baskets filled with items to make their stay more comfortable, reminding them of the bride and groom while giving them memories of their stay in Cape May.

The rehearsal dinner will get everyone ready for the big event but is also a time for reminiscing over the past. Slide shows, light music, picture albums and prearranged games are a great way to acquaint both sets of families with the couple's lives from childhood to this special day. We’ve even arranged treasure hunts throughout the island allowing everyone become familiar with Cape May history, customs, and hidden charms, creating wonderful memories along the way.  Consider a BBQ or outside event to create a relaxing and casual feeling.

Time draws near for the big event...the ceremony is gorgeous and special, full of meaning and emotions.  Your Cape May wedding reception goes even more smoothly as the guests and families had time to get to know each and become friends. The frivolity, dancing and festivities top off the evening and the perfect day commences...cutting the cake, singing, dancing and enjoying a perfect end as the couple celebrates their new beginning.

The next morning all the guests and combined families meet to enjoy a delicious brunch before heading off.  The days events are discussed and relished.  The families take this last wonderful time together to cement their new relationships congratulating the married couple on their excellent and forever memorable event where the guests were treated so kindly with all their needs anticipated.

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