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Renovation of Porches and Railings complete for 2014 Wedding Season!

Here are the gorgeous new rails being installed at The Southern Mansion. Look at how perfectly primed, caulked and painted! See the great crown moulding, all new and perfect! Since we have tons, and tons of weddings coming up, it will make the descent down the spiral staircase even more perfect!!

Newly decorated and renovated rooms in progress at Southern Mansion, Cape May!

Here is another new color in progress. This color is so fabulous in person! My son decided to use it in his bedroom too, as well as my friend Carolinn Pocher Woody in her living room. It is incredibly warm and rich against the outrageous crown moulding. The new flooring and rugs look great too! …...

Mahogany porches and Solariums, newly magnificently varnished for 2014 season at Southern Mansion!

Wow! Second coat of Varnish on the newly sanded Mahogany interior porches and Solariums! They are starting to look really, really look luxurious! Can't wait for all our guests to enjoy them!!

Tons of gorgeous Renovations going on at Southern Mansion Cape May!

Straight on photo of smaller cupola. Nice view of newly tinner's red painted raised seam cupola roof, and new brackets! So nice aren't they!

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