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2010 Vintage tasting from Southern Mansion’s Vineyard “Willow Creek Winery”

Sep 12, 2011 Southern Mansion 2011

Well Yesterday I had the delight of tasting my 2010 vintages. I must admit I was more than a tad nervous. Would they be good? We had worked so hard and none of us could wait.  First we opened a chilled bottle of Malvasia. It looked lovely, warm and golden. So I took the first sip. Oh my God it was marvelous. Warm and delightful like a great French White Burgundy but with a nice snappy finish and a hint of Lemon. Absolutely loved it. Even my significant ( he is not a big white wine fan) was mightily impressed and polished it right off,  declaring he would be drinking this white wine regularly. Then we were off to the Pinot Noir. Now Pinot Noir is a difficult finicky grape to grow. But as Pinot Noir is the Queen of grapes (you can even make champagne from her) proper homage is due. You have to give her constant attention, love and baby her. But like a beautiful highly intelligent woman the extra maintenance is well worth the effort! The dark burnished ruby wine was delicious lighter at first then warm fruity and with a memorable smoky finish. Yummy and it got better as it breathed

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