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Artichokes- Growing Artichokes in Cape May gardens.

Dec 12, 2011 Southern Mansion 2011

Artichokes-Growing them in Cape May . Artichokes are usually considered a tender perennial with their main growing region located in Northern California ( Castroville). But since I am ever so fond of pushing the limit on my coastal region Zone 7, I decided to add a ton of Artichokes to my  Southern Mansion garden. Not only are they utterly divinely delicious but they have a fabulous exotic silver glaucous-green deeply lobed foliage and spectacular brilliant purple flowers (if you can resist eating them and actually allow them to go to flower). I am having great success with my artichokes. I am even going to incorporate them into borders for visual bang this next year. Here are some pictures looking snappy even after last night's frost. Notice I have them snuggled in with a toasty warm blanket of hay on their toes.

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