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Barbara’s favorite flowers in the Southern mansion Garden

May 01, 2012 Southern Mansion 2012

Barbara's Favorite Plants.

I love blue flowers and Camassia Quamash is a great blue flower, for early to mid Spring, that can handle a damp, sunny or shady area. I use it in my shade gardens at the Mansion and, in marshy meadows at the Vineyard. Meadow gardens are one my favorite natural gardens to design. Truly Nature herself is the greatest muse . Wild bog meadows in Southern New Jersey are sensual places with sedge, tawny grasses, and, seasonal natural flowers like Swamp Mallow, Asters, Clethra, and Joe Pye weed, catching the caress of the wind; glistening in warm sunlight, offering beauty throughout the seasons. At this moment —with sunlight dancing upon tips of swaying, blue Camassia— it’s a little slice of heaven, and a prelude to the long, languid, golden days of summer stretched out before us…

The Camassia was originally placed in the Lilliaceae family and, was a food staple for the American Indians. The bulb can be roasted and, is actually sweeter than a sweet potato. (Yes, I ate one and, it was very delish!) It can also be ground into flour.

Camassia is a friendly easy to grow bulb that naturalizes well and rewards you with ever-larger swaths of brilliant azure blue every year.

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