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Barbara’s favorite flowers : Oak leaf Hydrangea, Hydrangea Quercifolia

May 31, 2012 Southern Mansion 2012

Oak Leaf Hydrangea, Hydrangea Quercifolia  :This is on the must have easy-peasy list of Barbara’s Favorite Plants. It grows super well in our sandy/loam soil (my grandmother always said “soil not dirt Barbara”, and does great in semi shade though I have it planted in a huge border in the direct sun. I swear I’m going to transplant the 50 plus monsters every year but I haven’t quite gotten to it. They are actually in one of my Hydrangea garden designs, which once this Winery is open; I should actually have time to finish installing. So, what is so great about this plant? Well first it’s a dramatic bloomer with copious panicles of flowers over large oak shape leaves. The big bonus here is it a four-season plant. Starting in Spring you have the brilliant burst of chartreuse gorgeously shaped leaves. The gorgeous flowers, huge and everywhere follow this. This bush gets big, and makes a great hedgerow too. Then into the late summer, the flowers dry but still lovely, fade from bright creamy white to a warm pinkish. The warm toned flowers then blend in perfectly as the leaves turn a wonderful scarlet into the fall. Even when the weather turns cool and the leaves drop she shows off a wonderful peeling bark on fabulous twisted limbs adding architectural interest even in dead of winter or covered with frost. I love this plant, and swear this year they will get relocated to a star status garden of their own!  Also coming is a blue hydrangea forest garden inspired by a picture of a Japanese (mop head) hydrangea forest that will be built around a fabulous mini folly cottage that’s really just darling, (we are squabbling over the color of the cottage now) which is built by, and the garden in honor of Jimmy Reagan. Come enjoy the numerous varieties of Hydrangeas at Willow Creek Farm and the Southern Mansion.

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