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Barbara’s favorite plants at the Southern Mansion.

Apr 09, 2012 Southern Mansion 2012

Barbara’s Favorite Flower List: Tulipa  clusiana var. Tinka
Tulips can be magnificent en masse in the spring, but unfortunately so many are only really good as annuals, since their second showings are often sadly lackluster! I have a definitive penchant for the perennial Tulip. One of the best naturalizers is the clusiana tulip; it grows in the wild in Turkey, where, believe or not, most tulips originated. These tulips are very unique; they are long and skinny, approximately 12” (best for border fronts), and have alternating red and yellow petals. They start out tight and primly striped, but they open up to be brilliant stars with the warmth of the sun. Best of all, they come up every year if you keep them well drained and dump a little fertilizer on them occasionally.

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