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Scarlet Lobilia Cardinalis

Sep 01, 2011 Southern Mansion 2011

Garden blog
Barbara’s must have flowers-Brightest red Native flower
Scarlet Lobelia also known as Cardinal Flower having the flaming red colour akin to Cardinal Vestaments  I first discovered this plant growing in a semi shady wetland swamp border on my Vineyard in West Cape May. At the time a fellow gardener and  well known local   plant afficiando  “Dirty Dave”planted out many thousands of seeds in our greenhouse and I planted out a ton of the little plants in my shade gardens behind the mansion.  It blooms in late summer delighting  me every year and likes damp areas. Though it is technically a perennial it behaves like a biennial so make sure it likes it’s location and can reseed easily. It has the bonus of being attractive to and pollinated by the Ruby throated hummingbird. Location The Back Shade Gardens at The Southern Mansion Cape May’s most gorgeous gardens.

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