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Fresh farm food grown for the Southern mansion by their Willow Creek Winery and farm.

Feb 28, 2012 Southern Mansion 2012

Raising chickens so you can enjoy more delicious breakfasts! Having farm fresh eggs available to you every day is a huge bonus. The eggs taste significantly better than the supermarket variety.  Their yolks are much brighter and vibrantly orange than the pathetic caged and hormone soaked cousins that you are probably used to. I like to let my chicken free range during the day and secure them in a fancy coop at night.  This not only ensures the best healthiest and most tasty eggs but also keeps the food cost down as they are foraging on natural greens, worms, insects and mineral sources throughout the day. When they have the urge to lay they waddle up their ladder to the cozy hay lined nesting boxes cackling away. Oh and don’t be fooled by supermarket supposed organic eggs they are still not too good. Raise them or buy locally for the best health and taste. Eggs have gotten a bad rap for cholesterol but in reality they are a pretty perfect food with copious amounts of easy to assimilate protein. Also you need some cholesterol,  that is what your body makes hormones out of (hormones are important making you look young, supple andfeel and function well. You  need good fats, like olive, flax, fish, coconut, and avocado. When you see a person (sometimes an overly health conscious skinny person),with wrinkly desiccated skin they usually are not getting enough good fats!
I have Arucanas ( a mix containing wilde jungle fowl which genetically imparts the blue green tinge to eggs ranging from turquoise to olive)    Rhode Island Reds (a sturdy prolific layer of large brown eggs

One of my very favorite chickens is the Turken.   This is by no means the prettiest of chickens. It has a long bald neck with a couple of feathers over its gizzards. But for personality and friendliness this chicken cannot be beat! The Turken is quite a large chicken and once it recognizes you will excitedly run up to greet you. It wants to be petted and can be picked up.  If left to free range she will follow you around and hang out like a dog. It’s a really strange but great big chicken. She also lays great large brown eggs , and despite her lack of feathers it extremely cold and heat hardy. A Turken will also positively socialize your other chickens. Chickens in general are not always the brightest bulbs in the box and a little positive influence is a good thing. Oh, I also forgot to mention they are great mothers so you can get them to incubate your eggs and mother and protect any other chicks. We just lost our mascot Turken affectionately know as “Nuts on Neck” to a large hawk. So I will be raising a flock of tiny Turkens in her honor.

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