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Raw Honey from Southern Mansion’s Willow Creek Winery Hives

Mar 23, 2012 Southern Mansion 2012

Honey Bee Hives At Willow Creek Winery and Farm

Raw honey is now added to our list of foods produced on the farm. Wow, it is so delicious! The Honey Bee is an amazingly social creature. They have a whole society ruled by the Queen (the largest bee and the only bee that lays eggs) The other bees  are workers bees  that gather food, nursemaid the babies in the nursery (eggs and grubs), worship the queen and her needs, clean and work as natural HVAC systems by circulating air and water in the hive, and protect the hive. Drones (the male mates with the queen when she chooses to fertilize the eggs for new bees. When an egg is chosen to be another queen it is only fed royal jelly that the queen produces. Bees even have their own language dancing and flying to communicate! Our on farm bee-expert truly believes that bees and their honey saved him from a chronic disease. Our Honey is known as “BEE-lieve” honey with the Willow Creek Vineyard and Farm Label to be available at the Winery/Farm Market. Medicinally raw honey is a natural sterilizer and anti-microbial agent for wounds, a healthy sweetener and eliminates allergies in many people. You just have to love these cool dovetailed hives! We love bees!!
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