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Southern Mansion Inundated at breakfast with extraordinary free ranged eggs from Willow Creek Farm!

Feb 25, 2013 Southern Mansion 2013

Southern Mansion breakfast with Willow Creek Winery farm eggs! Inundated with eggs at Willow Creek Winery farm. As the day light hours get longer, the laying hens go into overdrive. Eggs, Eggs, Eggs everywhere!! Healthy fresh free ranged eggs, are sooo much tastier than those sad pale supermarket ones. Even the ones labeled questionably"organic" don't hold a candle to our hens glorious globes. ( Do you know what the real meaning of Organic is? The definition is containing the element carbon! That was something us bio-chemists always had a serious bone to pick with!)The yolks are brilliant orange with such a distinctive, and delicious taste! Even the game hens,and turkeys are laying, and we are beginning to incubate. I love to involve children, (and adults too) in the hatching of fowl !Lots of baby chicks for the easter season, and delicious chicken for your farm to table meal!

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