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Surviving Irene safe and sound at the Southern Mansion!

Aug 30, 2011 Southern Mansion 2011

The Southern Mansion is one of Cape May's oldest  structures and unquestionably built to resist even the toughest elements Mother Nature has produced over the last 150 years. The Southern Mansion survived Irene's wrath untouched with not even a drop of water in the enourmous basements and winecellars. Since we had quite a few "storm holdouts"  who stayed through the storm they reported they felt incredibly safe and there wasn't barely a rattle in the antique glass.  We are happy to report this to all of you and hope that you all are healthy and untouched by the storm!  We all feel incredibly blessed!  At our vineyad our grapes have miracously survived as well.  We look forward to producing double the thousands of cases we produced last year.  We expect to harvest the Pinot Noir and the Sauvignon Blanc next week as the fields dry in the fabulous sun and the brix levels rise to 24 (wine talk describing level of suger in the grapes) We invite you all to join us  at the Mansion and celebrate Irene's departure and Good Riddance!

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