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The beetroot Bet Vulgaris growing at at Southern Mansion’s Willow Creek Vineyard and Farm

Mar 13, 2012 Southern Mansion 2012

The illustrious Red Beet (one of Barbara’s favorite vegetables!) This is a great cool weather vegetable and I’m still harvesting them now at Willow Creek Farm.
I have always loved red beets, Beta vulgaris, since my grandfather Lash Hamilton used to grow them for me as   a little girl. They have that warm earthy sweetish taste that makes them a great comfort food. The beet is used for it’s green (also known as beet spinach) and it’s root bulb for a vegetable as well as to produce sugar . Fabulous multi-colored Swiss Chard is a relation of the beet/

I love raw beets in my morning raw smoothie. Right now my Siberian spinach is growing ( and flowering too)I add handfuls of that to a beet or two some fuji apple, a carrot, almond milk, and if you want a full meal add in some protein powder , and creatine. Promise you won’t be hungry for hours! “Drinking beet juice increases blood flow to the brain, suggesting the dark red vegetable may fight the progression of dementia, and keep the brain young and fresh.
Beet roots contain high concentrations of nitrates, which are converted into nitrites by bacteria in the mouth. And nitrites help open blood vessels in the body, increasing blood flow and oxygen to places lacking in oxygen.
Previous studies have shown that nitrites — also found in high concentrations in celery, cabbage, and other leafy, green vegetables like spinach — widen blood vessels, but researchers say this was the first to find that nitrites also increase blood flow to the brain.”

Oh wow, the color !! That magnificent magenta from the beets! I eat/drink my smoothies chunky from the vitamixer but if you use a juicer the beet juice is absolutely stunningly beautiful and such a bonus surprise in the morning. Here is also a great raw desert. Take ripe avocado and mix in raw beet (either juice or ground up in vitamixer) If you want it sweeter you can add condensed milk like they do in my favorite cuisine Vietnamese.  What you end up with is an outrageous pink pudding that you will never guess is raw vegetables.

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