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Winter Gardening Southern mansion Barbara’s favoite plants

Feb 04, 2012 Southern Mansion 2012

Barbara’s favorite plants-Winter Gardening. Growing plants that still look good in the winter is always a bit of a effort and an excellent learning experience. You try to find a plant that has memorable berries, evergreen foliage, winter blooming flowers or just a great shape or bark. Nandina Domestica fits the bill nicely. It has lovely bamboo-like foliage (somewhat evergreen in a mild winter) starting out chartreuse and pink then darkening to dark green and finally dark red and purple before and if they fall.  The berries are large glossy clusters of crimson, arriving in the fall and persisting through all but the most brutal winters.  They are last thing that the birds eat as they are not the sweetest and they contain hydrocyanic acid making them unpalatable to normal mammalian nibblers; like squirrels, skunk, and raccoon. Originating in the Himalayans;Nandina look bright and cheery in the most dismal times of years. An added bonus is they reseed like crazy so there are lots of transplants available. This is an “easy peasy” plant to grow even for the neophyte. 

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