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2011 Weddings

Aug 23, 2011 Southern Mansion 2011

2011 has been a busy year for weddings ! Our beautiful brides have enjoyed gorgeous sunny weather and the cooperative weather has encouraged the gardens and grounds to be even more lush and floribunda!  Take a look at the wow garden pictures this year! Who could think of a more beautiful place to hold a wedding than the Southern Mansion (though we also want you to view  the pictures from our  soon to open winery!). Brides to be don’t forget wonderful wines from our spectacular Willow Creek Winery in Cape May can be special ordered for  your upcoming receptions with personalized labels memorializing your event!. What a great idea to have personalized wine bottles for your special day and to give your guests as gifts to remember and enjoy your day again in the future. Please enjoy all the photos of our new weddings this year.  Because all our events are so individually specialized at the Southern Mansion we are always looking for a way to make “your day” more unique and unforgettable. Since we do so many great weddings we have  experience with all the best vendors  that are consistently fabulous and reliable and that you’ll wish to use to make your day even that much more special. Our recommended “in the know” vendor list is going to get even streamlined this year as we need to know that you get only the best from our experience. Make sure you utilize this helpful list when you have your wedding booked at the Southern Mansion. Many of our brides offer us the use of the their photographs take advantage of these  for visualizing your perfect set up!

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