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Halloween Weddings at the Southern Mansion

Aug 30, 2011 Southern Mansion 2011

Halloween Weddings!  I love theme weddings! It is so exciting to plan an over the  top and memorable event. I am in the midst of planning a Halloween event. The entire Mansion will be decorated as a haunted mansion Cob webs, black lights, candles , outrageous exotic Jack o’ lanterns and costumes abound! They will enjoy a midnight sojourn to  the farm for a druid/ seance bonfire and baccnalian hay- ride with hot cider toddies and special all-hallow’s eve ceremony. Treats displayed in beautiful antique apothecary jars of all the penny candies you remember from your’s or your grandparents childhood striking distinct  memory cords. Huge mounded piles of caramel apples dipped in the finest of chocolates , nuts and other delights. Various games and activities from bobbing for apples, fortune telling and , pumpkin carving. Bartenders handing out gorgeous and lethal concoctions and even absinthe.  The bride is stunning in a silk velvet figuring hugging and enhancing monroe mermaid gown a la’ Mortician Adams. This will be a night to remember for a life time! Such fun! Check out the Halloween wedding cakes on Dios de Muertes!

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