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Maureen and Sean’s Southern Mansion Wedding with Bagpipes!

Apr 22, 2012 Southern Mansion 2012

Maureen and Sean’s story of finding true love and getting married at the Southern Mansion!  I love to hear the bridal couples intimate stories of their first interactions, how they first met, and  their courtship.  It always is so charming and always so surprising how the relationships that last always mention how comfortable they were with each other.  Love is not meant to be constant drama when it’s the right person it should be easy and pleasant!

How did you meet?
Maureen works with Sean’s mom and his Mom spoke about Sean during a business trip they were on.  A few months later Maureen was invited to Sean’s mother’s home for a Christmas party – Maureen had no idea it was a set up. 

Was it love at first site?  What did you think of them at first?  First reaction?
For Maureen, it was “like” at first site.  Sean was playing bartender during the party and was making (and drinking) a good deal of martinis…he tried to be smooth while sipping on his martini.  Maureen laughed as his martini dribbled down his chin onto his shirt.

For Sean, it was also “like” at first site but he knew that she was interested…she kept claiming (for over two hours) she had to leave for another party.   She never made it to the other party.  Sean called her three days later. 

First date?
We went to an Italian restaurant in Chadds Ford, PA where we had a great dinner.  Conversation was easy and comfortable and felt very natural. 

How did you know they were the one?
For Maureen it was when she was very sick and was out of work for almost two weeks.  Sean was by her side the entire time.  During this time it was the first time Maureen said “I love you” to Sean. 

For Sean, he can’t put his finger on the time when he knew Maureen was the one…looking back he realizes that he never had to be anyone different with Maureen, that he could always be himself.  He has always said that Maureen “makes him want to be a better man” and he has always appreciated her independence. 

Decision to get married?
We were dating for almost 5 years and had spoken about marriage a number of times but I guess we were just waiting for the right time.  The proposal was a surprise for Maureen, very unexpected yet very special. 

Similar tastes likes /dislikes?
We both love to play golf – Sean taught Maureen to golf and she is now hitting ‘em pretty good! 

We also like to travel and most of our travels involve finding somewhere to play a few rounds of golf.  Maureen enjoys taking pictures documenting every place they’ve been to. 

We love the “shore” and stay in Sea Isle, NJ each summer for one week and also take at least 2 or 3 trips to Cape May during the year. 

We love animals and have an adopted greyhound named Myrtie (after Sean’s grandmother) and we are now talking about adopting another dog so Myrtie has a playmate.

We love to entertain at our home with family and friends and we always receive compliments from our guests on the food and how much they enjoy their time at our home.  We prefer a laid back bar-b-q or a crab feast but also treasure special holidays and celebrations with family. 

We cherish lazy days; days when we have nothing to do and can sit around watching TV or a movie.  Unfortunately these days are hard to come by!

Family reaction/ interaction?

When we called our family about the engagement they all said “it’s about time!” 

Both Maureen and Sean have fit in and adapted quite well into each other’s family and they are both comfortable with each other’s family.  The families have also blended quite well and enjoy time together. 

Proposal story how did they propose/ring

Date: October 18, 2011.  We were on vacation in Williamsburg, Virginia (another place we like to visit) playing golf at Williamsburg National Golf Course.  On the 14th hole, right after Maureen hit her tee shot, she turned around and saw Sean walking toward her with his i-phone playing her favorite song (Salsbury Hill by Peter Gabriel).  She asked “what are you doing?”.  Sean then got on one knee and proposed.  Maureen should have had a clue something was up – his golf game was not up to par that day!  We were lucky to be playing with a lovely couple who videoed the proposal for us so we have a nice keepsake. 

how choose ring
Sean chose Maureen’s ring - he knew that he wanted something different and spent about 3 weeks looking for the right ring.  When he finally found the ring he took his Mom along for final approval.  He did a wonderful job. It is a beautiful ring!

How did you choose southern mansion? Best thing about southern mansion?

Sean first suggested having a destination wedding at Cape May and Maureen thought it was a great idea since we’ve enjoyed our trips to Cape May.  So about 2 days after the proposal Maureen started searching for a place in Cape May (she’s the planner).  We took a trip to Cape May to check out The Southern Mansion and immediately we both said, “this is the place”.  We love that The Southern Mansion is a unique venue – where we can have the ceremony, the dinner and the reception all at the Mansion yet at different locations.  We love that it is a private venue and that it is very elegant.  We love that The Southern Mansion has guest rooms so that we can celebrate our wedding all weekend long with our guests.  We have almost filled the entire Mansion with wedding guests for the weekend!  And we love that The Southern Mansion specializes in weddings – Andreea and the staff have made the planning very easy for us. 

Planning story what was really important food/ dress/ gardens ceremony/

We decided that we wanted a Spring, 2012 or Fall, 2012 wedding and were lucky to find that The Southern Mansion was available on April 21, 2012.  Once the venue was decided on Maureen was determined to get the entire wedding planned by the end of the year – she almost accomplished that.  The venue planning was easy; Andreea supplied a detailed list of what needed to be done by what date.  For the vendors, Andreea also provided a list of preferred vendors that made the rest of the planning relatively easy.  We had a few glitches along the way but this is to be expected.

Flowers: Maureen’s favorite color is pink and her favorite flower is hydrangea.  We chose A Garden Party (Elmer, NJ) as our florist and they have been great to work with, incorporating some of Maureen’s ideas as well as adding some unique things that Maureen hadn’t thought of. 

Dress: One of the first things that Maureen did was to start looking for a dress and found a beautiful dress from Ann Taylor.  She thought she was set.  A few months later, while dress shopping with her sister (Maid of Honor) for her dress, she tried on a few wedding dresses and fell in love with a Vera Wang dress so she also bought the Vera Wang dress.  So now Maureen will wear 2 dresses; the Vera Wang for beach pictures (pre ceremony), ceremony and cocktail hour and the Ann Taylor dress for dinner and the reception.  Sean doesn’t know this…

Cake: we chose La Patisserie Bakery in Cape May as our baker and they are designing a cake decorated with sea shells (and possible a couple of golf clubs).  We are incorporating our favorite cake flavors: carrot cake (Maureen) and pound cake (Sean). 

What we are most excited about is the special touches that we are adding to our wedding; i.e.: aside from the venue we will be traveling by horse & carriage to the beach for pre-ceremony pictures and we will have a bagpiper playing during our ceremony and cocktail hour.   We plan on also displaying family photos throughout The Mansion, which will also add to our special day. 

What is favorite thing about your mate?

Sean’s favorite thing about Maureen: "Her positive outlook on almost everything, keeps me grounded and headed in the right direction".

Maureen’s favorite thing about Sean: "He understands, appreciates and tolerates me.  Even when I have a bad day he makes it a good day for me".

what do you miss most when not with them/

What Sean misses most: how Maureen smells and just having her around.

What Maureen misses most: "I miss his hugs". 

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