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Romantic Wedding Stories from the Southern Mansion

Feb 21, 2012 Southern Mansion 2012

Weddings at the Southern Mansion: Each one is unique and memorable. They are so very special that we have been asked by many magazines to write up  background stories about how the couples met and decided to get married. This was something their readers were very interested in. We found some of the couples answers so special and truly unforgettable that we decided to add them to our wedding blog. Each personizalized set of memories strikes a deep emotional chord in us.  So we say to all of you, even the most jaded, " Your soulmate is out there jst waiting for you! Never give up, and sometimes they are right in front of you the whole time". We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Maybe they will even inspire you as well Enjoy!

How did you meet?
We met on E-Harmony.  We both signed up for "free weekend" on July 4, 2009.  We were each other's first match; though it took me about two weeks to reply to his initial contact!  It was not until August 21, 2009 that we finally spoke for the first time on the phone...and we talked for 5 hours!  We met the next day - Saturday, August 22nd - and have been together every day since.
Was it love at first sight?
Well, the first thing I said to him - even before hello - was, "oh thank god, you look like your picture on E-Harmony!"  And we both just laughed.  I don't know if it was "love at first sight" but we both knew instantly this was going to be something special. I learned not too long ago, he actually turned down a promotion and transfer out of the city two weeks after we met because he just knew we were going to be an important part of each other's lives.
Similar tastes likes /dislikes?
Adam and I are very similar in values and likes/dislikes.  Even down to one of our favorite smells - don't laugh, it is true - skunk.  He is much more out-going than I am, and I help bring peace to his busy mind at times...we are a good balance. Our parents are clones of each other, and we knew they would be like peas in a pod.  The first time we brought our parents together to meet, Adam and I didn't even speak a word that evening, they were carrying on like old, life-long friends.

Proposal story how did they propose/ring
The proposal was a surprise; he picked the ring out all on his own too!  I came home from work one day  in early November of 2010 and he brought out a box made of unfinished wood and said "I got you a gift."  I looked at it and thought to myself, "gee, thanks."  He smiled and had me open the box, and inside - individually wrapped in silver wrapping paper - was every movie stub, dinner receipt, wine bottle name it....from the past year.  We reminisced, as I was wondering to myself if I had forgotten an anniversary, and before I knew it he asked me to open another drawer within that box.  I opened it, and inside was the most beautiful diamond ring and he got down on one knee.  A lot of what he said is a blur, but I do remember I said,  "Hell yea!"
Why did you choose the Southern Mansion?
I grew up in the Philadelphia, PA area...and Adam is born and raised and still living near Akron, OH.  Almost monthly it seemd, my family and I would always trek to Cape May for the beach, bird watching, shopping or site seeing.  It is here that I fell in love with "Victorian America" as well as the shore as a little girl, and that love sticks with me today.  Even as a young person, the Southern Mansion just seem liked this majestic, beautiful glimpse at the past and I dreamt of one day being married in the beautiful gardens surrounding the Mansion.

What do you consider is the best thing about the Southern Mansion?
I don't think we could possibly choose the "best thing"...what I can say is our day was perfect.  It was a sunny, warm Saturday on the 8th of October, 2011 when we were married outside at the gazebo.  Everything leading up to this day was so smoothe and easy, Andreea and the staff are so professional and really cater to what you want that day to be.  Not a thing went wrong....My father walked me down the staircase and through the garden toward the love of my life.  After the ceremony, the guests mingled outside and we took a trolley to the beach for pictures.  We had dinner in the porch and danced the night away downstairs.  All of the vendors that Andreea suggested were beyond my expectations!  Tim Joyce is an amazing photographer, Kate from Kate's flowers made the most beautiful floral arrangements I have ever seen...and the food, the DJ, the flute and harpist from Magic Flute - you name it, they were all PERFECT!  It was a better day than I had even dreamed about as a little girl - and what is even better, is I now have Adam in my life forever, and couldn't be happier. ******

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