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A Peek Inside Willow Creek Winery

Visiting Cape May wineries is one of the many fun things to do in Cape May. As Cape May’s most notable and highly acclaimed wineries, Willow Creek Winery is a great stop to add to your travel itinerary. With Willow Creek Winery located near the Southern Mansion, guests enjoy easy access to one…...

Sweet White Wilde Cock at Southern Mansion’s Willow Creek Winery Cape May!

Southern Mansion's Willow Creek Winery secondary line of wines, Wilde Cock has wonderful table and fruit wines with bright eye catching labels. You can even have personalized labels at your event! Arrange you private tour and tasting thru the Mansion today!

Persimmons at Southern Mansion’s Willow Creek Winery!

Persimmons at Southern Mansion

Persimmons on the farm- Willow Creek Winery edibles! Barbara’s favorite fruits. I love Persimmons, Diospyros: Be they Fuyu which look like a squat bright orange tomato, or hachiya, and the brilliant heart shape fruit need to be ripened by frost when you can each them like persimmon custard (otherwise…...

New Jersey WInes judged as good as French Wines!

Bottles of Wine

Take a look at this article, where New Jersey Wines are judged against French Wines, and come up with flying colors!!

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