Persimmons at Southern Mansion
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Persimmons at Southern Mansion’s Willow Creek Winery!

Oct 08, 2012 Southern Mansion 2012

Persimmons on the farm- Willow Creek Winery edibles!

Barbara’s favorite fruits. I love Persimmons, Diospyros: Be they Fuyu which look like a squat bright orange tomato, or hachiya, and the brilliant heart shape fruit need to be ripened by frost when you can each them like persimmon custard (otherwise they are so astringent your lips pucker off your face, and your mouth becomes dry as the Sahara). It’s almost persimmon season and mine are ripening nicely, though the fuyu are still a pale orange that will ripen to the shade darker and brighter than a pumpkin!

Now the word Diospyros stems from the ancient Greek words "Dios" (διός) and "pyros" (πυρος). This translates roughly to “divine fruit, and yes they are divine! Diospyrus is in the Ebenacae family, which of course contains the famous Ebony wood tree and Persimmon wood is used for many intricate Asian furniture inlays.
The persimmon native to our Outer Coastal Plains of Southern New Jersey has a smaller fruit which needs to be tempered by frost to be eaten.
If you get a chance try a persimmon! They are delicious and good for you too. In Asian markets they offer dried persimmons, which are quite tasty and famous! I also have a recipe for an especially wicked and gorgeously colored Persimmon Margarita.

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